Theory Test

Theory test

 For the theory test, first study  The Highway Code,  you can also buy it in all good book shops and it may be included in computer software you buy to study for your theory test.

We offer free online theory training for all our pupils. Ask your instructor for further details to gain full access to this valuable resource completely free of charge.

The two parts of the Theory Test

The first part of the Theory Test consists of 50 multiple choice questions and is computer-based and a response is made by touching the screen at the appropriate place. The pass mark is 43 correct answers out of a possible 50.

The second part is a hazard perception test consisting of a series of 14 video clips of typical road scenes. The objective is to click the computer mouse whenever a developing hazard appears. One of the clips will have two scoring hazards and the other 13 clips have one scoring hazard. If you identify the developing hazard(s) as early as possible you will receive 5 points decreasing the nearer you are to the hazard. The pass mark for this part is 44 out of a possible 75.

The test will be marked by the computer and the result is given to the candidate within a few minutes of completion both parts must be passed at the same sitting.

Booking your Theory Test

Bookings can be made directly to the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency on 0300 200 1122. You can book online and if you’ve booked your test already you can change the date. Click here for the cost of the theory test.

Our local Theory Test Centres are in Watford or Luton

For more information go to learning to drive

What do I need to take

Your provisional driving licence photo card.

Or Photo ID (e.g. your passport) BUT ONLY if you have the older type of paper licence. 

It is always a good idea to take your appointment email with you but it is not essential.

theory test

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