Fees & Offers

The current driving lessons fees are £28.00 per hour for a driving lesson. The driving test the cost is £62.00 weekday or £75.00 for a weekend test. The cost of a driving lesson can increase at any time with a minimum of one months’ notice. 

Payments are to be made by BACS payment 24 hours before the driving lesson. If you decide to pay by making a block booking payment, then block booking payments are due 24 hours before your first lesson. If you decide you want to cancel your driving lessons mid-way through your block booking period, any driving lessons taken will be at the full hourly rate with the remainder refunded to you via BACS as proof of the payment.

Lesson bookings.

You will need to make and confirm all lessons with your driving instructor. Where possible, try to give as much notice as possible of dates and times you would like. Your driving instructor can book if possible the driving lessons at times that are convenient for you. Driving lessons will be confirmed by your driving instructor as booked. Lessons can only be confirmed once the pupil has certified that a current suitable driving licence is active to drive the tuition vehicle. Pupils must inform their instructor immediately if they receive any endorsements on their driving licence during the period they are receiving tuition that would render their licence invalid.

Cancellations of driving lessons. 

You must give a minimum of 24 hours’ notice if you wish to cancel or change your driving lesson. Failure to do this will result in the full lesson fee being payable or hours lost if you have prepaid. If you consistently cancel without giving 24 hours notice, you may be required to pay in advance for future lessons. Excessive cancellations and long periods in between each lesson session are unacceptable and may result in us withdrawing our services as your driving instruction provider. If you cancel a lesson due to symptoms of Covid-19 you will not lose your fee but, you will not be able to book another driving lessons for 14 days. If you have a driving test within the 14-day self-isolation period, we will be unable to take you for the driving test.

Pick up & finishing location.

You should agree with your driving instructor where your lessons will start and finish when making any driving lesson bookings. Changes to your pick up and finish location can change by mutual agreement with your instructor. If you request a different starting or finishing place to that agreed, your driving lesson might have to finish early to cover any additional travelling time to avoid disrupting other driving lessons or driving tests.

The practical driving test.

GK Learners can book the practical test on your behalf in anticipation of you being ready for the driving test. However, you will need to pay the driving instructor the DVSA test fee before the booking is confirmed. 

Your driving instructor will then book a date for your driving test that has been agreed by both the pupil and the driving instructor. 

On the day of the driving test, you will need to pay for a minimum of 3 hours. Approximately 90 minutes of pre-test practice including the drive to test centre, use of the vehicle during the practical test, post-test debrief and the return journey home.

GK Learners reserves the absolute right to refuse, at any time, the use of their cars for any driving test or driving lessons if:

  • Your driving is deemed by the instructor to be below the standard required for the driving test. Also, if it is considered you are not likely to reach the required standard in the time available. You will be notified before the cancellation date so not to lose your fee.
  • You appear unwell or to be affected by the influence of alcohol or drugs, this may include medically prescribed drugs.
  • Any fees remain outstanding/unpaid.



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